A wealthy earl.
A charming but penniless rogue.
Will she follow her head or her heart?

After disgracing herself in her first season in London society, Claire is sent to stay with family in the countryside, in the company of her influential aunt, the dowager Duchess of Lynch.

There, Claire is introduced to the Earl of Dalton, and they begin a courtship. That is, until she meets Mr Ruben Hawkins, a dashing rogue who seems to have stepped straight from one of her romance novels. Claire is drawn to him in the most vexing way and, suddenly, Lord Dalton seems dull in comparison.

However, when she sneaks away to meet Mr Hawkins in secret, they are discovered, and not only does the earl turn away from her, but the event threatens to make her an outcast of decent society for the rest of her life.

To Claire’s surprise, help arrives in the form of the last person she had ever thought would help her…

Will she find her way back to love and her knight in shining armour?