Touched Saga

All four books in the #1 bestselling series TOUCHED in one box set!

Read over 2000 pages of romance, fantasy, mythology, and adventure and save 50% in this special bundle deal! 
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This box set includes all four books in the #1 best-selling series TOUCHED and is over 2000 pages of romance, fantasy, mythology, and adventure. Over 200,000 copies sold. 60 MILLION pages read. 2000+ five-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Only true love can survive a journey through Heaven and Hell.

My name is Evan and I’m a Soldier of Death. 

For centuries I’ve killed mortals in order to ferry their souls to the other side. 

Until I met her. 

Her fate is sealed—I must take her soul. What never occurred to me was that I would fall in love with her. If I don’t kill her, the forces of heaven and hell will be unleashed, and others will come to take her . . . Will I be able to protect her?

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Lovers of vampires, werewolves and witches, be ready for a new, deadly race. The Soldiers of Death are coming to take your souls. Are you brave enough to face them? Take the risk and click the buy button to meet them now . . .


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