Hard as Stone

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By MJ Masucci

Austin is everything I could want, but nothing I should need.

At the top of one of the largest media production companies in Hollywood, people wrongfully assume I have it all, including me.

That is until I meet Austin Doyle.

I thought vacation would be a safe place to let my guard down, but when sun, sand, and solitude chip away at my hard exterior, I make the mistake of falling for his charms.

Austin is a beautiful distraction, but with him comes a scarred heart and a few dark secrets.

The moment I put my position over his love, everything starts to fall apart, and I’m not sure we can put the shattered pieces back together.

About MJ Masucci:

MJ Masucci loves to write romance books with happy endings, but as a reader, you won’t get away so easily. Her books also contain many twists you won’t see coming.

When she’s not making the jaws of her readers drop or keeping them up all night turning the pages, she’s spending time with her husband and two naughty Siamese cats, Bailey and Chloe at her home in Southern New York.

A sports addict in her leisure time (which is rare), she can be found watching football, hockey or baseball, while sipping her new favorite drink, iced coffee. 

Fun Facts about MJ: She’s a serious collector of sneakers which is now at over 80 pairs. She’s also a major Alabama Crimson Tide football fan – Roll Tide Roll!

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