Book Character Interview: Of Curses and Scandals

Of Curses and Scandals

An Urban Fantasy
by USA Today Bestselling Author Julie Kramer

Magic has always been the thing that she relied on. Until now…

Scandal is a sorceress who works with the police to solve crimes, but when a series of villains threatens her city, she will uncover the true cost of her magic.

Book Character Interview

Her name speaks for itself: Welcome to the next interview with a Souls and Shadows book character. May we introduce Scandal Matthison to you, sorceress and the heroine of Julie Kramer’s „Of Curses and Scandals“?

Q:  May I offer you something to drink?

Scandal: Hot chocolate!

Q: I hope you had some time to recover from your last adventure in „Of Curses and Scandals”. Tell me, what is your favorite relaxing pastime?

Scandal: I love reading or teasing my detective partner. Eating in the local diner is also a fave.

Q: Where did you grow up? Do you have fond memories of your childhood?

Scandal: I grew up in the city. I grew up too quick because of something that I did, but I love my life now.

Q: Whom or what do you really hate?

Scandal: Anyone who thinks that sorcerers don’t work hard. Just because I have money, doesn’t mean I have it easy.

Q: What is your biggest fear?

Scandal: Losing my magic.

Q: What makes you smile?

Scandal: Eating or teasing my partner.

Q: I’d love to hear about your future plans. Is there anything you can reveal?

Scandal: There may or not be a crossover coming up with a good friend of mine who just happens to be a necromancer, but we’ll have to see.

Thank you very much for your interesting answers, dear Scandal!

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