Book Character Interview: The Necromancer’s Curse

The Necromancer’s Curse

An Urban Fantasy
by USA Today Bestselling Author Adrienne Blake

Beyond the grave, lies only death.

After beheading the arch vampire Micah and laying his evil to rest, Holly George thinks her troubles are over, but no. They are just beginning. She may not be undead, but her cells are changing, and she is human no more.

Book Character Interview

Welcome to another interview with two fascinating characters from a Souls And Shadows novel!

Today, you’re in a unique position: You’ll meet Holly George and „Sue“, a witch and a necromancer from Adrienne Blake’s „The Necromancer’s Curse“, in the relative safety of your armchair. I’m still shaking with fear from meeting them, so please excuse any spelling m-m-mistakes! ?

Q: May I offer you something to drink?

Holly: Herbal tea, lay off the milk

„Sue“: I just want Holly’s blood. You got that?

Q: I hope you had some time to recover from your last adventure in “Necromancer’s Curse”. Tell me, what is your favorite relaxing pastime?

Holly: My mind is a blur. Too much happened to me of late and I’m just trying to get over it all.

„Sue“: The bitch stole my daughter. I spend every hour of the day conjuring up ways to make her pay.

Q: Where did you grow up? Do you have fond memories of your childhood?

Holly: Philly. Sure, plenty. My parents are the best and did everything they could for me.

„Sue“: I can’t remember much. Not since I was bitten. The time before is a bit of a fog.

Q: Whom or what do you really hate?

Holly: Vampires.

„Sue“: Holly George.

Q: What is your biggest fear?

Holly: Unnatural death by the hand of another.

„Sue“: Dying unavenged.

Q: What makes you smile?

Holly: People. I love them, in all shapes and forms. Just not vampires. I hate those with a passion.

„Sue“: Death.

Q: I’d love to hear about your future plans. Is there anything you can reveal?

Holly: I’m on a day-by-day cycle right now. Things have been tough, lately, and I’m doing the best I can do to survive, ya know?

„Sue“: I can’t say much but I know there will be demons.

Thank you and goodbye. *waving frantically*

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