Book Character Interview: Lost Moon

Lost Moon

A Paranormal Romance
by USA Today Bestselling Author Jenny Foster

He is a man who lives for only one thing. Revenge.

For two long years, panther shifter Rayne has chased the man who was once his best friend. But then Hailey gets into the focus of his enemy, and Rayne has to decide between his hunger for revenge and the life of an innocent woman.

Heat Level: ??=explicit

Book Character Interview

Welcome to another interview with two characters from a Souls And Shadows novel!

Meet Hailey Marsden, a human woman, and Rayne Manrique, a panther shifter from Jenny Foster’s suspenseful romance novel „Lost Moon“. Rayne is not the most open character we’ve had in our interview room, but I hope you’ll enjoy his (laconic) answers nontheless.

Q: May I offer you something to drink?

Rayne: Water. Thanks.

Hailey: Tea would be nice, thank you. Peppermint, if you have some. No sugar, please.

Q: I hope you had some time to recover from your last adventure in “Lost Moon”. Tell me, what is your favorite relaxing pastime?

Rayne: I never had time to relax before, but if I must answer, it would be “hiking” when I am human and “hunting” when I am a panther.

Hailey: I love a lot of things which help me relax. Just sitting on the beach and watch the waves or the clouds high up in the sky is one of my favorites. And when Rayne is with me, it’s twice as good.

Q: Where did you grow up? Do you have fond memories of your childhood?

Rayne: I was raised in the cloud forests of South America, but my clan had to leave when I was fourteen. We found a new home in the north of california, thanks to the generosity oof a mountain lions’s clan, and for a few years, we were happy there.

Hailey: Nothing special on my part – I grew up in Dearwood, a tiny place near lake Huron. I have an older sister and my parents are just as normal as I am.

Q: Whom or what do you really hate?

Rayne: There is only one being I want to destroy, and that’s the man who killed my family. 

Hailey: Hate is quite a strong word. I never hated anyone or anything, really. Maybe … hm… my insomnia.

Q: What is your biggest fear?

Rayne: Before I met Hailey, my only fear was that I might not get my revenge. But now, it’s different. If you love someone, you learn to fear a lot of things, of which death is the least. But fears exist to be defeated, don’t they?

Hailey: I am afraid of a lot of things, at least that’s what I thought about myself. I had to adjust this view, though – actually, I found the coruage to stand up for the ones I care about and for myslef while I was with Rayne. So, I still fear a lot of things, but there is no biggest overwhelming fear anymore.

Q: What makes you smile?

Rayne: Watching Hailey while she sleeps alsways makes me smile. I love the way her eyes move under her closed lids when she dreams. 

Hailey: Before I met Rayne, there was not much hapiness in my life, though I did not notice it. Now, I see the world with different eyes and a lot of things make me smile: A mother’s face when she looks at her baby, an old couple walking in Central Park, feeling the wind, the rain or the sun on my skin. I am grateful foor every single moment of my life.

Q: I’d love to hear about your future plans. Is there anything you can reveal?

Rayne: One day, I want to see the cloud forest again where I grew up. I’d love to find my dead mother’s family and reunite with them.

Hailey: I learned the hard way that there is another world hidden behind my reality – Rayne’s world where men turn into beasts and some beasts kill. So, my future plans consist mainly of one thing, and that is staying alive.

Thank you, Rayne and Hailey. We wish you all the luck in the world!

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