Book Character Interview:

The Mormo’s Protection

A Paranormal Romance
by USA Today Bestselling Author Claire Davon

He dared call a goddess’s name…and now danger threatens all he loves.

Stavros didn’t realize he called a goddess when he invoked the Mormo. Now it is not only Nyssa, the Mormo, who is coming to find him…

Heat Level: ??=explicit

Book Character Interview

Welcome to another interview with two fascinating characters from a Souls And Shadows novel! Meet Nyssa Kolakas, a Mormo, and Stavros Leandros, a Demi-god. Claire Davon kindly arranged for us to meet those two, so a huge THANK YOU goes out to Claire!

If you haven’t heard of a Mormo before, this is your chance to get to know one! Originally a Mormo was was a female spirit in Greek folklore, but Nyssa is much, much more than a spirit, as you can discover in Claire’s novel „The Mormo’s Protection“.

Q: I hope you had some time to recover from your last adventure in „The Mormo’s Protection”. Tell me, what is your favorite relaxing pastime?

Nyssa: I don’t have pastimes.

Stavros: Spending time with my family.

Q: Where did you grow up? Do you have fond memories of your childhood?

Nyssa: Corinth and I do not remember my childhood.

Stavros: New York City. I had a wonderful childhood.

Q: Whom or what do you really hate?

Nyssa: Adrestia, goddess of retribution. At the moment, my goddess Hecate as well.

Stavros: Adrestia, goddess of retribution.

Q: What is your biggest fear?

Nyssa: That Adrestia will come for Stavros again.

Stavros: That harm will come to my family, especially my daughter.

Q: What makes you smile?

Nyssa: Being useful to my newfound loved ones.

Stavros: My Mormo, Nyssa.

Q: I’d love to hear about your future plans. Is there anything you can reveal?

Nyssa: Learning how to live in America, it is quite different from Greece.

Stavros: I am learning what it means to be a demi-god and how to control my luck power.

Thank you so much, Nyssa and Stavros! Just let me add that you’re a beautiful couple ?.

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